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We are undergoing something of a heatwave in Britain at the moment, with the recent scorching weather bringing about comparisons to the long, hot summer of 1976.

If that wasn’t enough, England are performing above expectations at the World Cup in Russia, the world’s best tennis players are keeping the crowds entertained at Wimbledon, the music festival season is in full swing and the chance to enjoy an ice-cream is becoming an everyday thing rather than a rarity.

Summer is also, going against the grain of popular wisdom, a good time of the year in which to sell a home. While it’s true that everything slows down a bit with the kids off school and people flying off to exotic locations for a well-deserved break, there is still plenty of activity in July and August as people use the better weather as an excuse to get out and about viewing homes.

One room they will be focusing on in particular is the kitchen, which has been regularly voted as the most important of the home in recent years. It takes on even more importance in the summer months when meet-ups, informal drinks and BBQs are more frequent.

Below, we look at how your kitchen can play an important role when it comes to selling your home...

A (very) key feature

Britain has been swept up in a foodie boom for a number of years now, fuelled by the growth of farmers’ markets, street food pop-ups and gastronomic festivals. Our TV screens are filled with cookery shows – from MasterChef to The Great British Bake Off – and many people like to try and recreate the culinary delights in their own kitchen.

It’s not just a place to cook, bake and experiment, though. Kitchens (in particular open-plan ones) are very sociable places, with friends and families coming together to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a place to eat, drink and socialise, as well as a place for kids to do their homework in a slightly different setting.

It’s a versatile, adaptable and fun place to be, which is why so many buyers place such a key emphasis on it. They know they are likely to be spending a lot of time in it, so they want it to fit their needs perfectly.

With this level of scrutiny in mind, when selling your home, you’ll want your kitchen to look its very best – clean, welcoming, attractive and well-maintained. Achieve that and you can feel confident that buyers won’t be turning their nose up when they come to view your property.

In the summer, it’s vital that you flood your kitchen with as much natural light as possible, making sure it’s an airy, cool place to be.

Different selling points for different demographics

There is no one type of kitchen that will be universally popular; different people will have different preferences and different tastes. Generally speaking, though, contemporary kitchens with smart worktops, tasteful tiling, American-style fridge-freezers and stylish but robust flooring will have the widest appeal.

Many people like certain features – such as an island or a breakfast bar with stools – while others will prefer a more rustic affair, perhaps with an AGA cooker or a larder-style space.

Younger people will typically prefer a more modern kitchen, while families and older people may prefer something more traditional. This is far from set in stone, though, and it’s never wise to tailor your sales pitch to one group of buyers in particular. Try and think as broadly as you can and ensure your home appeals to as wide a range of people as possible.

To this end, very quirky, eccentric or individual kitchens are unlikely to have a very wide appeal – in fact, they may actively put people off. Neutral, minimalist and ‘functional but elegant’ is probably the best way to go, enabling your kitchen to speak for itself rather than stretching too hard to impress.

Front and centre

Whether you decide to carry out the viewing yourself or get your estate agent to do it on your behalf, it might be a good idea to direct prospective buyers towards your kitchen first to ensure that space is their first impression of your home.

Equally, you may want to save the best till last, ensuring the kitchen is the thing that stays freshest in their memories. Of course, to make that feasible, your kitchen will need to look the business. If you have a standout or very appealing kitchen, don’t be afraid to put it front and centre of your sales strategy.

On a hot summer’s day, filling your home – and your kitchen – with fresh air is more important than ever. You don’t want those viewing your home to be gasping for breath, sweating all over or melting from the heat; you want them to be cool, comfortable and in a positive frame of mind. Open all windows and doors to bring in a nice flow of air, and utilise fans and air-conditioning (if your home has this) if it’s an especially scorching day.

While a kitchen on its own is unlikely to convince buyers to purchase a home – the rest of the property will need to look up to scratch as well – it could be the thing that convinces those wavering over whether to make an offer or not.

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